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On The Football Database Wiki we have many features, read below about all.


In the chat you can meet new people and talk with them about football. But of course you can also talk about Wikia, how you can edit on the wiki etc. And you can ask for help if you don't know how you can do something on the wiki.


On the forum you can ask questions, but you can also talk about (upcoming) matches or you can ask for the opinions of other users on the wiki about a club, a player or a league.


On this page you can see what photos are uploaded and you can upload by yourself photos to the wiki.

Video Center

You can view here new videos on the wiki. If you want to add new ones you can do that here.

Match Center

Match Center
Here you can see all the upcoming matches. There's a timer which tells you how long you have to wait for an important upcoming match. But you can also see the latest news about matches and other matches in less big leagues.


On this page you can see the latest news.


There are several polls on the wiki, you can always vote on them.

Featured Articles

In the spotlight
Here you can see the featured articles on the wiki. If you want a page is featured let us know!


On the wiki there are also many help pages which can tell you what the standard layout of pages are, what codes we use and how you can use them and where you can find additional help.

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