Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Honduras
Country Flag of Honduras Honduras
Confederation CONCACAF
Founded 10 May 1964
Number of teams 10
Relegation to Liga de Ascenso
Level on pyramid 1
CONCACAF cup(s) CONCACAF Champions League
Current champions Motagua (12) ({{{season}}})
TV TVC, Canal 11, Canal 30
Website [ Official website]
Football current event 2011–12 Liga Nacional

Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional de Honduras is the first and highest division of football in Honduras. The league season is divided into Opening (autumn) and Closing (spring). One team is relegated to the Liga de Ascenso (the team with fewest points in Opening and Closing) and one team is promoted from Liga de Ascenso. The first 4 clubs participate in play-offs to decide the champion. The winners of the Opening and Closing competitions participate in the CONCACAF Champions League.

History of the League

In the 1930s, soccer experienced a surge in popularity in the country. In 1948 with the birth of the Francisco Morazán Major Football League, the idea to organize football began to take shape.

C.D. Olimpia, C.D. Federal, C.D. Motagua, C.D. Argentina and Real C.D. España are the pioneers of the Liga Mayor. In 1948 the first championship began in the recently inaugurated Estadio Tiburcio Carías Andino as C.D. Victoria were made champions by beating Motagua; and three years later, in 1951, they repeated the trick. Due to the high support the League received at this time, the Confederacy Sports School Extra of Honduras (F.N.D.E.H.) was founded.

The cancellation of the court of the Francisco Morazán Stadium of San Pedro Sula was the catalyst that caused the sport's leaders of the northern and central parts of Honduras to join forces and caused the disappearance of the F.N.D.E.H.

On 8 March 1951, Juan Manuel Galvez gave life to the F.N.D.E.H. when he signed the presidential decree I number 97 and he vouched for the execution of the first Sports Congress that was carried out in the installations of the abandoned "National Gymnasium Rubén Callejas Valentine".

A decade after the creation of the F.N.D.E.H. and under the leadership of Hémerito F. Hernández, and also under Féderico Bunker Aguilar who had pioneered CONCACAF's creation at the same time, the idea to create the First National League of Soccer took shape between 1962 and 1963. Thanks in part to the aid of executives such as Alejandro Talbott that had studied in Mexico, the structure of that country's league was copied. On Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 April 1964 the 15th National Congress created the league. The 15th National Congress also started the National Non Amateur Football League of Honduras, LINAFUTH, that was founded 10 May, that year.

The president of the Sports Confederacy was Oscar Kafati and the secretary was journalist Andrés Torres Jr. Several teams sent delegates. These included Olimpia, Troya, España, Honduras de El Progreso, Vida, Marathón, Motagua, La Salle, and Atlético Español Glidden. Those delegates were chosen to be to the first Provisional Board of Directors that remained headed by: President Oscar Lara Mejía, Secretary: José T. Castañeda, Treasurer: Jesus J. Handal, Fiscal: Humberto Soriano Aguilar and vocal: Oscar Kirckonell, Alfredo Bueso, René Bendeck.

The first round of the first professional national championship was on 18 July 1965, with the following results: Olimpia 3–0 Marathón; España 1–0 Troya; Honduras 3–0 Atlético Español; Vida 4–1 Motagua; and Platense 6–2 La Salle. Pedro Deras of C.D. Honduras was the first scorer of the league in the 5th minute against C.D. Atlético Español. C.D. Platense was the first professional champion of Honduras winning the two rounds; and Atlético Español finished last, but there was no relegation. Enrique Fúnez was the first top-scorer with 14 goals.

2011–12 teams


Main article: Promotion and relegation in Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Honduras

The current relegation-promotion format is the following. The winner of Liga de Ascenso de Honduras Apertura plays the winner of Liga de Ascenso de Honduras Clausura and whoever wins the two legged match wins promotion. Apertura and Clausura tournaments are added up to see who is last who gets relegated.


All Time Scorers

  • Bold players were still active
All-Time Scorers (as of 2009-05-10)
No. Player Goals
1st Flag of Honduras Wilmer Velásquez 196
2nd Flag of Honduras Juan Manuel Cárcamo 100
3nd Brazil Denilson Costa 99
4rd Flag of Honduras Francisco Ramírez 95
5th Brazil Marcelo Ferreira 94
6th Flag of Honduras Prudencio Norales 88
Brazil Luciano Emilio 88
7th Flag of Argentina Danilo Tosello 86
8th Flag of Honduras Reynaldo Mejía 83
9th Flag of Honduras Angel Obando 78
10th Flag of Honduras Eduardo Bennet 82
11th Flag of Argentina Luis Oswaldo Altamirano 80
12th Flag of Honduras Carlos Alvarado 79
13th Flag of Honduras Antonio Obando 76
14th Flag of Honduras Leonel Machado 76
15th Flag of Honduras Nelson "Hungaro" Larios 75

Statistics (1965–66 – present)

Main article: Records and statistics in Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Honduras

Goal Milestone

This is a list of the milestone goals scored in the league.

Goal Scorer Team
1st Flag of Honduras Pedro Deras Honduras
10th Flag of Honduras Carlos Suazo Olimpia
500th Flag of Honduras Raúl Peri Real España
1000th Flag of Colombia Reynaldo Castro Platense
2000th Flag of Honduras José Cruz Motagua
3000th Flag of Honduras Hermenegildo Orellana Vida
4000th Flag of Honduras José Castro Real España
5000th Flag of Honduras José Mendoza Vida
6000th Flag of Honduras Rolando Valladares Vida
7000th Flag of Honduras Juan Anariba Real España
8000th Flag of Honduras Luis Vallejo Real España
9000th Flag of Honduras Nahúm Espinoza Olimpia
10000th Flag of Honduras Alex Pineda Olimpia
11000th Flag of Argentina Gustavo Fuentes Platense
12000th Flag of Honduras Reynaldo Tilguath Platense
13000th Flag of Honduras Érick Vallecillo Real España
14000th Flag of Uruguay Óscar Torlacoff Motagua
15000th Flag of Honduras Jorge Lozano Deportes Savio
16000th Flag of Honduras Mariano Acevedo Marathón

Champions by year

Season Champions Runner-up Third Fourth
1965–66 Platense Olimpia Vida Troya
No post season was held. Played in 18 rounds.
1966–67 Olimpia Marathón Vida España
No post season was held. Played in 18 rounds.
1967–68 Olimpia Marathón Honduras Vida
No post season was held. Played in 18 rounds.
1968–69 Motagua Olimpia Platense Atlético Indio
No post season was held. Played in 27 rounds.
1969–70 Olimpia Motagua Marathón Vida
No post season was held. Played in 27 rounds.
1970–71 Motagua Olimpia Marathón España
Championship playoff: Motagua 1–1 Olimpia. Motagua champions as better regular season record.
1971–72 Olimpia Vida Motagua España
No post season was held. Played in 27 rounds.
1972–73 none none none none
Canceled after nine rounds. No champion was declared.
1973–74 Motagua Marathón Olimpia España
No post season was held. Played in 27 rounds.
1974–75 España Motagua Olimpia Marathón
Final: Motagua 0–1 España.
1975–76 España Olimpia Motagua Universidad
Final: Olimpia 1–1 España; España 2–0 Olimpia.
1976–77 España Motagua Marathón Vida
Final: Motagua 0–0 España; España 4–1 Motagua.
1977–78 Olimpia Real España Motagua Vida
Final: Real España 0–0 Olimpia; Olimpia 2–0 Real España.
1978–79 Motagua Real España Olimpia Broncos
Final: Motagua 1–0 Real España; Real España 1–4 Motagua.
1979–80 Marathón Universidad Victoria Broncos
Final: Marathón 1–0 Universidad; Universidad 0–1 Marathón.
1980–81 Real España Marathón Olimpia Vida
Final: Real España 2–0 Marathón; Marathón 1–0 Real España; Real España 2–1 Marathón.
1981–82 Vida Atlético Morazán Motagua Marathón
Final: Atlético Morazán 1–3 Vida; Vida 1–0 Atlético Morazán.
1982–83 Olimpia Motagua Real España Victoria
Olimpia champions as winner of regular season and post season.
1983–84 Vida Universidad Marathón Olimpia
No post season was held. Played in 36 rounds.
1984–85 Olimpia Vida Victoria Marathón
Olimpia champions as winner of regular season and post season.
1985–86 Marathón Vida Motagua Olimpia
Marathón champions as winner of post season.
1986–87 Olimpia Real España Vida Platense
Olimpia champions as winner of post season.
1987–88 Olimpia Marathón Real España Sula
Final: Olimpia 0–0 Marathón; Marathón 0–1 Olimpia.
1988–89 Real España Olimpia Motagua Vida
Final: Olimpia 2–0 Real España; Real España 2–0 Olimpia. Real España champions as better regular season record.
1989–90 Olimpia Real España Motagua Platense
Final: Real España 1–0 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–0 Real España. Olimpia champions as better goal difference in regular season.
1990–91 Real España Motagua Olimpia Platense
Final: Motagua 0–0 Real España; Real España 2–1 Motagua.
1991–92 Motagua Real España Olimpia Platense
Final: Real España 0–0 Motagua; Motagua 1–0 Real España.
1992–93 Olimpia Petrotela Marathón Motagua
Olimpia champions as winner of regular season and post season.
1993–94 Real España Motagua Vida Victoria
Real España champions as winner of regular season and post season.
1994–95 Victoria Olimpia Real España Motagua
Final: Victoria 0–0 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–1 Victoria. Victoria champions on away goals.
1995–96 Olimpia Real España Victoria Motagua
Final: Real España 0–3 Olimpia; Olimpia 0–0 Real España.
1996–97 Olimpia Platense Victoria Real España
Final: Platense 1–1 Olimpia; Olimpia 3–0 Platense.
1997–98 A Motagua Real España Olimpia Platense
Final: Real España 0–3 Motagua; Motagua 2–1 Real España.
1997–98 C Motagua Olimpia Victoria Platense
Final: Motagua 0–0 Olimpia; Olimpia 0–1 Motagua.
1998–99 Olimpia Real España Motagua Victoria
Final: Real España 1–1 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–0 Real España.
1999–00 A Motagua Olimpia Victoria Broncos
Final: Olimpia 0–0 Motagua; Motagua 0–0 Olimpia. Motagua 6–5 on penalties.
1999–00 C Motagua Olimpia Marathón Federal
Final: Motagua 1–1 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–1 Motagua. Motagua 3–2 on penalties.
2000–01 A Olimpia Platense Universidad Real España
Final: Platense 0–1 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–1 Platense.
2000–01 C Platense Olimpia Marathón Real España
Final: Platense 1–0 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–1 Platense.
2001–02 A Motagua Marathón Olimpia Platense
Final: Marathón 1–0 Motagua; Motagua 3–2 Marathón. Motagua 5–3 on penalties.
2001–02 C Marathón Olimpia Victoria Platense
Final: Marathón 4–1 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–0 Marathón.
2002–03 A Olimpia Platense Marathón Real España
Final: Olimpia 1–1 Platense; Platense 1–2 Olimpia.
2002–03 C Marathón Motagua Real España Olimpia
Final: Motagua 0–1 Marathón; Marathón 3–1 Motagua.
2003–04 A Real España Olimpia Vida Marathón
Final: Real España 2–2 Olimpia; Olimpia 0–2 Real España.
2003–04 C Olimpia Marathón Real España Victoria
Final: Marathón 1–1 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–0 Marathón.
2004–05 A Marathón Olimpia Real España Victoria
Final: Marathón 3–2 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–2 Marathón.
2004–05 C Olimpia Marathón Universidad Platense
Final: Marathón 1–1 Olimpia; Olimpia 2–1 Marathón.
2005–06 A Olimpia Marathón Platense Victoria
Final: Marathón 2–1 Olimpia; Olimpia 2–0 Marathón.
2005–06 C Olimpia Victoria Motagua Valencia
Final: Victoria 3–3 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–0 Victoria.
2006–07 A Motagua Olimpia Marathón Hispano
Final: Motagua 1–1 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–3 Motagua.
2006–07 C Real España Marathón Olimpia Motagua
Final: Marathón 2–1 Real España; Real España 3–1 Marathón.
2007–08 A Marathón Motagua Olimpia Victoria
Final: Motagua 0–0 Marathón; Marathón 2–0 Motagua.
2007–08 C Olimpia Marathón Real España Motagua
Final: Marathón 1–1 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–0 Marathón.
2008–09 A Marathón Real España Olimpia Motagua
Final: Marathón 1–0 Real España; Real España 1–1 Marathón.
2008–09 C Olimpia Real España Vida Marathón
Final: Real España 2–2 Olimpia; Olimpia 2–1 Real España.
2009–10 A Marathón Olimpia Real España Motagua
Final: Olimpia 1–0 Marathón; Marathón 2–0 Olimpia.
2009–10 C Olimpia Motagua Vida Platense
Final: Olimpia 3–1 Motagua; Motagua 1–0 Olimpia.
2010–11 A Real España Olimpia Marathón Victoria
Final: Olimpia 1–1 Real España; Real España 2–1 Olimpia.
2010–11 C Motagua Olimpia Vida Marathón
Final: Motagua 2–2 Olimpia; Olimpia 1–3 Motagua.

Titles by club

Club Champion Runner-up
Olimpia 23 17
Motagua 12 9
Real España 10 10
Marathón 8 11
Vida 2 3
Platense 2 3
Victoria 1 1
Universidad 0 2
Atlético Morazán 0 1
Petrotela 0 1
Totals 58 58

In International competitions

Olimpia: 27 times (1962, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972 Champions, 1973, 1976, 1983, 1985 Runner up, 1987, 1988 Champions, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Runner up, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11)
Real España: 15 times (1975, 1976, 1977, 1981, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2000, 2009–10, 2011–12)
Motagua: 14 times (1969, 1971, 1974, 1977, 1983, 1986, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 2003, 2008, 2010–11, 2011–12)
Marathón: 8 times (1974, 1980, 1981, 1986, 1988, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11)
Vida: 6 times (1963, 1972, 1973, 1982, 1984, 1985)
Universidad: 2 times (1980 Runner up, 1984)
Platense: 1 times (1975, 1998)
Petrotela: 1 time (1994)
Victoria: 1 time (1996)
Olimpia: 13 times (1979, 1981 Champions, 1996 withdrew, 1997, 1998, 1999 Champions, 2000 Champions, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 Runner up, 2006 Runner up, 2007)
Motagua: 8 times (1979, 1996 withdrew, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2007 Champions)
Marathón: 7 times (1980, 1981, 1982, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006)
Real España: 6 times (1981, 1982 Champions, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2007)
Vida: 2 time (1981, 1982)
Broncos: 1 time (1980 Champions)
Victoria: 1 time (2006)
Olimpia: 2 times (1996 abandoned), (1997 abandoned)
Platense: 2 times (1997 abandoned), (1998 abandoned)
Real España: 1 time (1993 Runner up)
Real Maya: 1 time (1994)
Marathón: 1 time (1995)
Motagua: 1 time (2001)
Olimpia: 2 times (1972 Runner up), (1988 Runner up)
Motagua: 1 time (2008)
Olimpia: 1 time (2001 canceled)

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