Petrovsky Stadium
Zenit Petrovsky stadium 002
Full name Petrovsky Stadium
Former name(s) Lenin Stadium (1925–1992)
Owners Zenit St. Petersburg
Location Saint Petersburg, Russia
Opened 1925
Tenants FC Zenit Saint Petersburg (2006-2017)
FC Tosno (2017-)
Capacity 21.405
Surface Grass

The Petrovsky Stadium is a sports complex that consists of a number of buildings. One of them is the Grand Sport Arena which is the home of FC Zenit of Saint Petersburg, Russia and is commonly referred to as "Petrovsky Stadium."

The complex also contains another football stadium, Minor Sport Arena (MSA). MSA of Petrovsky in 2008 was used by several teams that compete in lower professional leagues: FC Dynamo Saint Petersburg, FC Zenit-2 Saint Petersburg, and FC Sever Murmansk. The whole complex is located on the Petrograd side in central St. Petersburg on Petrovsky Island, an island in the Malaya Neva River connected to the adjacent Krestovsky and Petrogradsky islands through bridges.

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