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Welcome to the 2016-17 English Premier League portal.
Match day 7
AFC Bournemouth
Arsenal FC
Burnley FC
Chelsea FC
Crystal Palace FC
Everton FC
Hull City AFC
Leicester City FC
Liverpool FC
Manchester City FC

Manchester United FC
Middlesbrough FC
Southampton FC
Stoke City FC
Sunderland AFC
Swansea City AFC
Tottenham Hotspur
Watford FC
West Bromwich Albion FC
West Ham United FC
League table Top goalscorers
1. Bournemouth 11. Manchester Utd
2. Arsenal 12. Middlesbrough
3. Burnley 13. Southampton
4. Chelsea 14. Stoke City
5. Crystal Palace 15. Sunderland
6. Everton 16. Swansea
7. Hull City 17. Tottenham
8. Leicester 18. Watford
9. Liverpool 19. West Brom
10. Manchester City 20. West Ham

Last update: 15 June 2016

Last update: 15 June 2016

Top matches Last champions

2015/16: Leicester City
2014/15: Chelsea
2013/14: Manchester City
2012/13: Manchester United

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