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The priority of the wiki is making pages about regular competitions, clubs, stadiums, players and coaches. But it's allowed to make pages about competitions, clubs, stadiums, players and coaches of the history.

Wikiawide Project

Soccer Wikis Support

Current Projects

The Project of this Period

New Pages

  • German Players
  • English Players
  • Italian Players
  • Spanish Players
  • Spanish Clubs
  • Scandinavian Players
  • Russian Players
  • Russian Clubs
  • Greek Players
  • Several Clubs and Players from the countries which will play on the 2014 World Cup
  • International Teams
  • Competitions


  • English Clubs
  • German Clubs
  • Dutch Clubs
  • Italian Clubs
  • Spanish Clubs
  • English Stadiums
  • German Stadiums
  • Dutch Stadiums

Additional projects

  • Writing news

If you need help with something please vist the help page to see where you can find the right help.

Start a Discussion Discussions about Projects

  • The next project!

    3 messages
    • Nice, keep up the good work.
    • Thank you, feel free to say which country/countries you would like to be the next one!
  • The Project of this Period

    • From now on we're going to do sometimes a big project for a period. For this period we have chosen adding and improving Scandinavian pa...

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