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UEFA logo 2012
Initials(s) UEFA
Formation 15th June 1954
No. of members 54
President Flag of France.png France Michel Platini
Website Official website

The Union of European Footbal Associations, or most commonly referred as UEFA, is the administrative body for association football of Europe and small parts of Asia. It currently consists of 54 countries. It is one of the six continental confederations of world.

UEFA controls all competetitions such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, and the UEFA European Championship. It represents national teams, and controls prize money, media rights and regulations.

UEFA was founded on 15 June 1954 in Basel, Switzerland after consultation between the Italian, French, and Belgian associations. Initially, the European football union consisted of 25 members which number doubled by the early 1990s. UEFA membership coincides for the most part with recognition as a sovereign country in Europe, although there some exceptions. Some micro states, (e.g. the Vatican City) are not members. Some UEFA members are not sovereign states, but form part of a larger recognised sovereign state in the context of international law. Examples include England and Scotland, (part of the United Kingdom) or the Faroe Islands, (part of Denmark) however in the context of these countries government functions concerning sport tend to be carried at the territorial level coterminous with the UEFA member entity. Some UEFA members are transcontinental states, (e.g. Turkey and Russia). Several Asian countries were also admitted to the European football association, particularly Israel and Kazakhstan, which had been members of the Asian football association. Additionally some UEFA member associations allow teams from outside their association's main territory to take part in their "domestic" competition. Monaco, for example, takes part in the French League (though a separate sovereign entity); Welsh clubs Cardiff City and Swansea City participate in the English League; Berwick Rangers, situated in England, play in the Scottish Professional Football League and Derry City, situated in Northern Ireland, play in the Republic of Ireland-based League of Ireland .

Until 1959 the main headquarters were located in Paris, and later in Bern. Since 1995, UEFA headquarters transferred to Nyon, Switzerland. Henri Delaunay was the first general secretary and Ebbe Schwartz the first president. The current president is Michel Platini.



Code Association National teams Founded FIFA affiliation UEFA affiliation
ALB Flag of Albania.png Albania 1930 1932 1954
AND Flag of Andorra.png Andorra 1994 1996 1996
ARM Flag of Armenia.png Armenia 1992 1992 1992
AUT Flag of Austria.png Austria 1904 1905 1954
AZE Flag of Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan 1992 1994 1994
BLR Belarus Flag.svg Belarus 1989 1992 1993
BEL Belgium.png Belgium 1895 1904 1954
BIH Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992 1996 1998
BUL Flag of Bulgaria.png Bulgaria 1923 1924 1954
CRO Croatia.png Croatia 1912 1992 1993
CYP Flag of Cyprus.png Cyprus 1934 1948 1962
CZE Flag of Czech.jpg Czech Republic 1901 1907 1954
DEN Flag of Denmark.gif Denmark 1889 1904 1954
ENG England.png England 1863 1905 1954
EST Estonia.png Estonia 1921 1923 1992
FRO Faroe Islands.png Faroe Islands 1979 1988 1990
FIN Flag of Finland.gif Finland 1907 1908 1954
FRA Flag of France.png France 1919 1904 1954
MKD Flag of Macedonia.png Macedonia 1948 1994 1994
GEO Flag of Georgia.png Georgia 1990 1992 1992
GER Germany.png Germany 1990 1992 1992
GIB Flag of Gibraltar.png Gibraltar 1895 None 2013
GRE Flag of Greece.svg.png Greece 1926 1927 1954
HUN Flag of Hungary.png Hungary 1901 1906 1954
ISL Flag of Iceland.png Iceland 1947 1947 1954
ISR Flag of Israel.png Israel 1928 1929 1994
ITA Flag of Italy.gif Italy 1898 1905 1954
KAZ Flag of Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan 1914 1994 2002
LVA Latvia.png Latvia 1921 1922 1992
LIE Liechtenstein.png Liechtenstein 1934 1974 1974
LTU Flag of Lithuania.png Lithuania 1922 1923 1992
LUX Luxembourg.png Luxembourg 1908 1910 1954
MLT Malta.png Malta 1900 1959 1960
MDA Flag of Moldova.png Moldova 1990 1994 1993
MNE Flag of Montenegro.png Montenegro 1931 2007 2007
NED Netherlands.png Netherlands 1889 1904 1954
NIR Flag of Northern Ireland.png Northern Ireland 1880 1911 1954
NOR Flag of Norway.png Norway 1902 1908 1954
POL Flag of Poland.png Poland 1919 1923 1954
POR Flag of Portugal.png Portugal 1914 1923 1954
IRL Flag of Republic Ireland.gif Republic Ireland 1921 1923 1954
ROU Romania.png Romania 1909 1923 1954
RUS Flag of Russia.png Russia 1912 1912 1954
SMR San Marino.png San Marino 1931 1988 1988
SCO Scotland.png Scotland 1873 1910 1954
SRB Flag of Serbia.png Serbia 1919 1921 1954
SVK Slovakia.png Slovakia 1938 1994 1993
SVN Flag of Slovenia.png Slovenia 1920 1994 1994
ESP Flag of Spain.png Spain 1909 1913 1954
SWE Flag of Sweden Good one.jpg Sweden 1904 1904 1954
SUI Switzerland.png Switzerland 1895 1904 1954
TUR Flag of Turkey.png Turkey 1923 1923 1962
UKR Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine 1991 1992 1992
WAL Flag of Wales.gif Wales 1876 1910 1954

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